Today, I headed into Asheville to meet a good friend of mine for lunch. She grew up in the area and recently moved back to town. Relying on her familiarity with the area, we had lunch at this great place called the Tupelo Honey Cafe. Based on the wait time, it is clearly a town favorite, but it was well worth the wait.


After our scrumptious lunch (I had eggs benedict with crab cakes), we walked around and I noticed some of the great places that the Irishman and I visited during our New Years’ trip. First, there was the Laughing Seed Cafe.


The Laughing Seed is an entirely vegetarian restaurant that I dragged the Irishman to. Much to his surprise (but not to mine), he loved it. Everything we ordered was truly fantastic.

There are also a ton of cute, artsy coffee shops like this one.


We were still stuffed from brunch so I didn’t actually order anything, but I loved how they had tables in their windows, so I hopped in for a picture. Each coffee shop has it’s own character and I’m sure it’s own set of loyal followers. Check out this one, serving organic fair-trade coffee, naturally.


Downtown Asheville is such an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants. As a result, there are such a quirky mix of people who live there. You can walk into any restaurant in town in either an evening gown or shredded jeans and either way, you would be totally appropriate.

After spending an entire afternoon in town, I hopped in the car to make the 40 minute drive back home. During the drive, I had time to reflect upon our decision to live in our tiny town instead of Asheville and you know what? I think we definitely made the right decision. Don’t get me wrong, Asheville is delightful, but there’s just something about Sylva.

Even though I’ve lived in our house for less than a month (and even though we don’t even own it!), it already feels like home. There’s just a sense of rightness here that I didn’t feel in the bustle of downtown Asheville. We have great restaurants and all of the amenities that we need for a comfortable life without the rush hour and long lines that come with any sizable city.

Now, if I could just hurry up and get my entire flock under one roof, the sense of rightness would be complete.


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