New Acquisitions

When I got to my mother-in-laws house yesterday, Parker was very excited to show me his new toy. In retrospect, I believe that the phrase “new toy” was a bit of an understatement. Check out Parker’s new Thomas the Train waterfall tracks.


It has two levels of waterfall drops and Parker, a very skilled train engineer, can throw the switches at just the right time to keep multiple trains from crashing.


In case you’ve never played trains with Parker, I must clarify one point. You see, you don’t actually play “with” him. He prefers that you sit back and watch him do all of the maneuvering. In Parker’s world, he has a vision of where he wants every train to go and other participants are just a complication. I have no idea where he ever came by such a concept.


In fact, my picture taking was starting to mess with Parker’s concentration. Right as I snapped this picture, Parker grabbed Duncan before he made it all the way down the waterfall and insisted that I stop taking pictures because I was interrupting him.

Carry on Parker, carry on.


One thought on “New Acquisitions

  1. Melissa July 22, 2009 / 4:50 pm

    I can attest for Parker's methods of train engineering but I do feel very fortunate that he indulged his old aunt Mel by letting her push a train around the track once or twice 🙂

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