Foggy Mornings


This picture is the view from our sun room. Our house is on a hill so even though a side street runs right below these windows, we still see the gorgeous trees of the empty lot across from us.

There is something so mysterious about the mountains at sunrise. At our elevation, the clouds are just above our heads and a lazy fog meanders through the streets. This is my favorite time of day to walk the dogs. It feels like we’re the only souls awake and their steps are muffled as we walk our deserted route.

I usually take them down the hill into downtown where the little shops are still sleeping. It feels like I’m on a movie set with everything staged for an 1890 period piece…until I turn the corner and see that juvenile delinquents put soap in the town fountain.


Damn those little punks for ruining my nostalgic morning. Oh well, at least they reminded me that I need to wash sheets and towels today.


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