Moving On Up

This sad, pathetic machine is what was installed in the house that we’re renting.


It ran, but it was filthy (as in splattered paint and gouges), rusted on the inside and it was also missing an exterior panel that covered the electrical cords. Can you say safety hazard? So, I decided to pretend that it didn’t exist and I just went about my business doing dishes by hand. Honestly, doing dishes doesn’t bother me. I have to hand wash most of the large pots and pans anyway and the regular dishes only require a swipe of the sponge.

The Irishman, however, is of a different opinion. He wasn’t a fan of the “dishes by hand” scenario and when my mother-in-law came to visit and took one look at the eyesore, her internal germophobe took action immediately. My in-laws decided to buy us a new, basic dishwasher. Well, the Irishman certainly didn’t want to leave the new dishwasher for the landlord in the even that we moved out, but he knew that we would probably want to match our appliances in whichever house that we bought (the basic dishwasher was white). So, he decided to match the funds from the in-laws and that’s how we ended up with this beautiful Bosch.


Who knew a dishwasher could be so sleek! So dashing! So quiet!


It has a time-delay feature, a child safety lock and a ton of other functionality like doing a half load and sanitization. Yup she’s a beauty…

Who knew that new kitchen appliances could be so exciting? I think that this is definitely a sign that I’m getting old. The copious amounts of gray hairs didn’t phase me, but this total admiration of a dishwasher…uh, yeah, I’m getting old.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the old decrepit machine is sitting in the basement and in the event that we move, we’ll take this one with us and replace the old one.


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