Double Cheesy Bagels


Once of the first things to go when I started our budget was my random runs to coffee shops and bagel shops. When I actually looked at the cost of bagels in the supermarket, I was floored to see that 6 bagels cost less than $2, when a single bagel with cream cheese at the bagel shop was almost $3. Most unfortunate.

So, I decided that I could still get my scrumptious bagel shop creations, but I would have to put in the legwork for it. Fortunately, that consists of 2 minutes of my time. One of my favorite things to order was a bagel with veggie cream cheese on the bottom, topped with a slice of tomato and finally topped with a slice of cheese. Then, it’s melted. Yummmmm…

The first step is to toast the bagel first. I usually pop it into the toaster over for about 60 seconds just to firm it up a little bit.


Then, I put a light shmear of low-fat veggie cream cheese. I always use the word “shmear” in reference to spreading cream cheese on bagels. I’m sure there’s a reason for it – I just forgot what it was.


Next, I top it with an uber-ripe tomato. Since I’m at home and not at the frugal bagel shop, I use more than a single slice of tomato so that every bite has some tomato-y goodness.


Finally I top it with a slice of cheese. This happens to be colby jack, but provolone and cheddar are excellent as well.


Finally, I put it back into the toaster oven and melt the cheese.


Wait for it…


Oh my melted cheesy goodness. This bagel makes me so happy. The tomato adds a nice, juicy freshness to the mix and the two cheeses blend to perfection. The bagel has a nice crunchy outside from our double-toasting and the inside is warm and soft. This bagel makes me happy and better yet, it makes me full. And that is definitely a good thing.


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