Shrimp BLT

When I was in Charleston, I went to this great little eatery called the Cru Cafe. I found it by googling, “What’s the best place for lunch in Charleston?” Very scientific, I know, but it turns out that the cafe was only two blocks from my hotel in the historic district.

So, I snuck out the side door and headed over to check it out. After all of the networking and carrying on, I was very much looking forward to a meal all by myself.


Naturally, it was a lovely historic house. It was also one of those restaurants that had an open view into the kitchen.


I love when restaurants let you see into their kitchen. It makes me feel better that I can see the chefs washing their hands and such. Anyway, I requested a table for one and in an ironic twist of events, the only seat they had available was at the “communal” table. In other words, not only would I have company for lunch, but I would have the company of 7 strangers. Lovely.

Not to be deterred, I whipped out my Kindle and proceeded to attempt to eat alone. At a table of chatty people. Who wanted me to feel the group love. This lasted for about 2 minutes before I politely said that I was quite happy interacting with my electronic book. They probably thought I was a freak, but I didn’t care. I was ready for some good food.

After asking the waitress about what she thought was best on the menu, I settled on the shrimp B.L.T. It sounded delicious. I also had a mint julep iced tea which was quite refreshing. About 12 pages of my book later, my sandwich came.


I was so hungry and so delighted to try it that I bit into it without looking…and bit right into a chunk of bacon. Stupidly, I thought that the shrimp was replacing the bacon in the B.L.T. equation. I’ve apparently been thinking like a vegetarian for too long. So, after discretely picking it off, I tried again…and it was everything that I was hoping for. And the shoestring French fries?? Oh my good Lord. They were the best fries I’ve ever had and trust me, I know French fries. I ate every single one of them.

Since I’ve gotten back, I’ve made an S.L.T. (shrimp, lettuce and tomato sandwich) every day for lunch. As soon as I find 8 minutes to download the pictures, I will share my new creation with you and if you perhaps happen to not be a vegetarian, the definitely throw on the bacon. The Irishman has been raving about it.


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