While brother Dean was in town, we decided to take him to Dillsboro, which is only a mile or two up the road. Dillsboro is a quaint artists’ colony and has suffered tremendously since the Great Smokey Mountains tourist train eliminated Dillsboro from their scheduled stops. I’m trying to make a concerted effort to support the local economy, so we took Dean over there for shopping and lunch.

One of our first stops was the grand opening of a pottery shop. They had face painting there and Parker was all about getting a pumpkin.



I bought a couple of things there, but I can’t tell you what they are since a couple of you are probably getting them for Christmas. We then headed over to a new Greek restaurant that opened called, “Kostas,” which coincidentally is how you say “Dean” in Greek. And wouldn’t you know it, it was run by real Greeks. Dean and I chatted in Greek with the hostess (who I’m presuming is one of the owners) and we had a nice lunch on the deck.

Then, we resumed our tour of the little town and checked out the local dog bakery. This is where I purchased the doggy backpack as well as a baggie of homemade treats. Parker was particularly fond of the Adirondack chairs.


In fact, he got the other boys to join him in a brief rest.


As we were walking back to the truck, Parker and the Irishman checked out the old refreshment stand that used to service the train passengers.


It’s closed now and it was kind of sad because you could easily picture a platform full of people buying drinks and corn dogs and basking in the gorgeous weather. Hopefully, Dillsboro luck will turn around as the economy improves.


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