Putting The Dogs To Work

If you’ve ever watched a dog show, you’re familiar with the fact that dogs are placed in a certain group on the basis of their primary function. For example, Yorkies are in the “toy group” because they’re generally meant to do nothing except for sitting in their owners laps. And hound dogs are in the “sporting group” because they were bred to assist their owners in hunting and retrieving.

Cardigan Corgis? Well, Cardigans are in the herding group and that means that they are working dogs. They are bred to contribute to their household. Nona knows this. She wants nothing more than to be given a task for every waking second that she has. Chewy? Well, Chewy just wants to be a dumb boy dog and let Nona do all of the work.

Well folks, since we don’t have a herd of cattle or sheep for them to push around, I decided that Nona and Chewy were finally going to pull their own weight around here. Literally. You see, when we go on outings, the Irishman and I are loaded down with a diaper bag and my purse and those get pretty heavy after a while. I wondered today, as I was lugging around three bags, why are the dogs playing friskily while I’m loaded down like a pack mule? And thus, inspiration struck. I’d like to introduce exhibit A.


This, my dears, is a doggy backpack and it will soon carry Parker’s water bottle, a change of clothes and snacks. It’s a brilliant idea. Well, Chewy didn’t think so at first, but we’re working on it. Of course, Nona came over to investigate.


I detected a small bit of jealousy so I put it on her instead. And you know what? She took to it instantly. There was no awkwardness in her walk (Chewy had acted like someone was physically wrestling with him) and she happily ran around the house carrying the additional weight.

Seriously, I can’t wait to put in in action. What I really want to do is load them down with my books and notes for school, take them to campus with me and call them my “service dogs.” There are limitless possibilities here…

PS – I’m going to the U2 concert tonight!! Stay tuned for pictures and a recap. I’ve missed U2 in concert the last 4 times they’ve come near me, so technically, I’ve been waiting for this concert for the last 14 years.


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