Egg And Cheese Bagel


When we were in Tallahassee last weekend, there was a single, simple breakfast item on my list of must-haves. An egg and cheese bagel from Breugger’s. More specifically, I order a salt bagel with egg and American cheese, with a little butter on one side. I have ordered that exact breakfast sandwich for 13 years and now, it’s time to start making it at home. Which, of course, means that I have to pass on my obsession to you. I’m so giving.

First things first, get your bagel in the toaster. If you can get your hands on a salt bagel, I highly recommend it (but only if you’re a salt fiend like myself), otherwise any bagel of your choice will do.

Next, beat one egg in a bowl. You want to give it a good scramble now so that once it’s in the pan, we can just slightly nudge it around and flip it instead of breaking it entirely apart.


Next, pour your egg into your pan over medium heat. After letting it set up for a couple of minutes, gently fold it and flip it until it’s cooked through and roughly in one round-ish piece.


Once the egg is done, turn the heat off and lay your slice of cheese on top so it gets a little melty. While that’s happening, I usually take my bagel out of the toaster and put butter on one side of it.

Now, pick up your egg/cheese with a spatula and slide it onto the bottom of your bagel.


You can see that I’ve liberally sprinkled it with salt since I had a plain bagel instead of a salt bagel. (I put the pepper in with the egg). Just put the top half on and slice it down the middle with a serrated knife.


Man, this is so good! It’s so simple, but so satisfying. If you’ve never had one of these guys, you must make it the first chance you get.

PS – I apologize in advance to my Tallahassee friends who must now go out and make a Bruegger’s run immediately upon finishing this post.


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