Flying On A Jet Plane


Tomorrow, I leave for Philadelphia. I’ve never been there before, but I hear that it has a lot to offer. While I’ll be networking and presenting at the conference for most of my trip, there’s always a change to get out there and experience some of the city. Primarily, I have three things in mind.

My number one objective is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I wish I could say that the reason I have to go here is a sophisticated one, but it’s not. It’s, well, I’ll show you.


I simply have to get a picture of this statute. With this statute. On the statute. I’m a sucker for the underdog and Rocky is their mascot. Oh, and I’ll have to run the steps and thrust my fists into the air. It’s cheesy, it’s cliche, it’s a dream of mine.

Once I’ve done that, I can then do the cultural sightseeing. I’m looking forward to seeing the Liberty Bell as well. I used to be fascinated with the American Revolution. I had a pair of American flag high-top Converse in high school and considered myself an unwavering patriot. While some of those sentiments have faded in the intervening years, my patriotic tendencies are now concentrated in the civil liberties area. You know, “Liberty or Death” and all that.


And of course, no trip to a coastal city would be complete without this.


It’s good to know that my priorities are still in place.


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