A (Failed) Birthday Photoshoot

So, all I really wanted yesterday was a picture with the birthday boy. Against better judgment, I decided to try to get said picture after he ate his cake. Oh, brother. Below, you’ll see the progression of events in my attempt to snap one decent picture. As unflattering (and blurry) as they are, it’s pretty funny how trying to hold a 40 lb. preschooler is something akin to wrestling a monkey.

He started off by twisting in my arms.


“Hey Parker, sit still for a second.”


Then, he decided that sticking his new matchbox car down my shirt was a good idea.


Then, he decided that he wanted me to get up close and personal with a different toy.


I have no clue what this toy even was or how it was suddenly in his hand…and in my face.


(Notice me trying to fish the car out from my shirt in the above picture.) Here’s my look of exasperation that I shared with the Irishman, who was cracking up while he was snapping away.


Finally, I decided to wait until the sugar wore off and I finally got my sweet boy to take a picture with me. He’s not giving me a true smile, but I’ll take it.



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