Coloring Between The Lines


For the longest time, Parker would color with reckless abandon. It didn’t matter if there were lines on the page or if it was blank. He would simply make the biggest and brightest loops that he could until it was a hot mess. I was starting to get a little bit concerned about this since a lot of his classmates were much more precise with their crayon strokes, but I figured that in due time, he’d figure it out.

And in typical Parker fashion, he did so suddenly and with certainty. One day, it was the crazy coloring that we were used to and the next day, he was coloring with precision and clarity. He came to this realization while using me as a drafting table. A squishy drafting table.

Check out his work! He’s even pretty good about picking out the correct color for each body part in his Diego coloring book.


What a relief that he’s crossed this next milestone. Now that he understands coloring within the lines, I can set about teaching him how self-expression is important and that the lines are there as guides, but we don’t need to be limited only by what we see. Yup, if he’s anything like me, he’s going to frustrate the heck of his teachers by challenging every convention, but that strong sense of self will carry him further than mindlessly following directions ever could.


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