Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

As you can tell by the title of this post, I went a little nuts in the kitchen yesterday. I was craving something sinful. Something decadent. Something that would make my dentist shudder in despair. You see, it was Sunday, which meant that I could have pretty much whatever I wanted. That’s how I keep balance in my life. I maintain a perfect diet on Monday-Saturday and on Sunday…well, on Sunday, I eat things like this.


The basis for this cookie came straight from the side of a Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge cake mix. Here’s the recipe as they have it written.


I basically just switched out their chopped pecans for coconut because in my world, everything is better with coconut. So, I threw into a large mixing bowl:

The cake mix
2 large eggs
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 stick of butter, melted
1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup coconut
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

I preheated the oven for 325 instead of 350 because I like my cookies on the soft and chewy side. After I mixed together all of the ingredients, I put heaping tablespoons on a greased cookie sheet and then I sprinkled more coconut on top. Bake for 13 minutes and let them cool for 5-10 before eating.

They were exactly what I was craving. The soft, melted chocolate and the lightly toasted coconut were the perfect combination. I had three of these bad boys with a large glass of ice cold milk. Heaven! Of course, now I’m going to have to give the rest of them away early this week, but I’m sure my coworkers will be thankful and appreciate of my cookie experimentation.

I’m so glad that I froze half of the cookie dough to bake them again at a later date. There’s a bright Sunday in my future down the road…


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