Beautiful Days

The weather in our part of the state has been mind-blowingly gorgeous for weeks now. The temperature is in the low-70s, the sun is shining and the skies are blue. Last weekend, we took advantage of the great weather and drove into Asheville to pick up some specialty beers and to make a trip by the organic grocery store. While we were there, we decided to grab a pizza from the Mellow Mushroom and to take it to a nearby park to have a picnic. After a couple of slices each, Parker found this little playground to entertain himself.


First, he and the Irishman decided to climb the rope ladder. Parker was pleased with himself for making it to the top (with a little help of course).


But, since there is only so much you can do with a rope ladder, he quickly moved on to the round ring that spun around. Once Parker figured out what it did, he gripped it for dear life and the Irishman gave him a whirl.


In typical male fashion, they both wanted it to go faster. Right after I snapped this picture…


…I yelled, “You better slow down or he’s going to eat it!

And of course, he did. I’m not sure if it’s mother’s intuition or just plain common sense, but a 40 lb. child can only hold on for so long. So, they decided that Parker would sit on his daddy’s lap for a better grip.


And of course, they started to spin faster and faster. And right after I snapped this picture…


I yelled, “Seriously, you should be careful or you’re both going to eat it!” And they did. And the homeless people at a neighboring bench laughed at my uncanny ability to predict disaster 5 seconds before it occurred.

Thankfully, they decided to abandon the ring of doom and we headed off towards the walking path to enjoy the weather without needing to fish leaves out of Parker’s nose.


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