Bathing In The Sun


There is something so incredibly indulgent about bathing in the sun.


When I was in high school, I would spring out of bed on weekend mornings to see if the sun was out. If it was, I would do a dance of joy and quickly pack up an afternoon’s worth of stuff before heading off to the beach, which was only a mile away.


With the wind in my hair and the sand between my toes, I would close my eyes and soak up the sun. In that time and space, there were no worries and no stressers. There was only warmth and an incredible lightness of being.


It was almost as if my internal batteries were being recharged. I would leave feeling peaceful and content. The universe was once again aligned and I was prepared to handle another week of school, swim practices and teenage drama.


When I see one of the cats grabbing a patch of sun, it brings me right back to that place and to the knowledge that I will never be quite that carefree again. Sure, I can lay in the sun and enjoy the feel of the breeze caressing my skin, but it’s not possible to lose myself in quite the same way since I’m now the momma.


So Payton, please don’t let me disturb you. Your next meal is just on the horizon, your litter box is clean and the dogs are contained in the next room. In other words, you don’t have a single thing to do except allow the late afternoon sun to warm your fur and wait until the dinner bell rings. Enjoy my friend.


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