I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving! I spent the first 7 hours today in the kitchen cooking (and sampling) and then spent the 8th hour cleaning it up. When it was all done, I walked into the living room to find all of the boys sleeping (with the exception of my father, who retired to the upstairs bedroom because my brother takes up the entire couch). I’m not sure where my mother went off to, but she’s probably upstairs sleeping too.

I decided to take a couple of minutes to write a stream of consciousness list of things that I’m thankful for.

1. My life in general. Seriously, I feel so blessed on a daily basis.
2. My boys.
3. That my parents are still with me for another year.
4. My brother, who over the years has become one of my best friends.
5. My health! Every time I step out for a run, I’m grateful for the strength in my body.
6. Stability. Having a job and a house and a full fridge.
7. Being a girl. That I can be both strong and vulnerable and no one will give me a hard time about either.
8. My friends, who allow me to step away for months on end and then let me back in.
9. Bold nail polish, which almost hides my discolored runner’s toes. Gross!
10. My furry family, each member of which adds something of his or her own to our crazy little household.
11. Automobiles, because life is a highway and I want to ride it all night long. Seriously though, I love the open road and driving it alone.
12. Books that take me to another place and time.
13. The gym.
14. Liberty.
15. Chapstick.
16. Sunshine.
17. Football.
18. Having a motherland and a culture that I’m tied to so closely.
19. Beer.
20. Denim.
21. My Chi flat iron.
22. Photos.
23. A good memory.
24. Flannel sheets.
25. Central heating and air.

Now, please excuse me while I go curl up in #24 so that I can dive into #12, while enjoying #19.


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