Naked Trees

Never in my life have I seen such obvious changes in the seasons. Having lived in Florida my whole life, I generally wore flip flops 9 months of the year and ballet flats the other three. I had a solid tan year round and Christmas generally required a cardigan thrown over my tank top.

As we’re heading into our third season here, I can’t help but marvel at the evolving landscape. When we first moved here this summer, the trees were a lush, rain forest green.


Of course, that was mostly do to the large amounts of rain that we got, but the mountains were teeming with life. Then, the temperature started to drop and in a matter of only a couple of weeks, the leaves changed into brilliant hues of gold, red and orange.


The mountains looked like a quilt that would, coincidentally, have matched my living room decor beautifully. Then, I went out of town for one weekend and when I came back, some of the trees had slowly started to lose their leaves. I was angry and sad that autumn should depart so soon. I was worried about what our trees would look like without their lovely leaves. Of course, I worried needlessly because even when they’re naked, there’s still a quiet beauty in the mountains, especially on days like this.


In contrast to the vivid colors of autumn, I almost feel like I’m shooting these pictures in a sepia tone. When you’re driving on windy mountain roads, everything is neutral and mild and you almost feel as though you should whisper.


When the trees are naked and exposed, you can see things that would be invisible to you otherwise, like this gorgeous waterfall. The Irishman and I had driven down this road probably a dozen times and had never known that it was there.


I’m waiting anxiously for our first snow because I can just picture these branches dusted with white. Yes, it will be cold and yes, there are days when I’ll probably be wet and miserable, but there will also be hot chocolate and warm living room fires and cuddling under blankets.

I know that I’ll be ready to kick winter to the curb come March, but spring will be all that much sweeter after the winter days that are coming.


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