Frozen Water

The winter storms that dropped buckets of snow on our neck of the woods have been gone now for several weeks. As you drive around town, you can tell the areas that get plenty of sunshine from those that don’t based on whether remnants of snow remain on the ground.

As I drive into campus I pass through an area called Catamount Gap. It’s a small stretch of road that has a sheer rock face on both sides. You can tell that they had to blast through the mountain in order to connect our town (Sylva) to the town where the university is (Cullowhee).

On one side of Catamount Gap, the side that doesn’t get any sun, there’s what looks like a beautiful frozen waterfall.


Since there’s no waterfall there in actuality, I can only imagine that as the snow melted into water and poured down the cliff face, temperatures dipped below freezing and it remained that way. It’s been like this now for weeks and it’s just gorgeous. I can see water dripping from the icicles as I drive by it and I can also see chunks of ice on the ground from where large pieces have broken away from the mass, so there’s definitely some movement towards displacement. But, since the temperatures dip into freezing every night, I’ll probably get to look at this frozen water for a while yet.

It may be a bit on the chilly side here, but it sure is beautiful.


One thought on “Frozen Water

  1. Spriggs Family January 18, 2010 / 3:51 pm

    That's beautiful!I love how it does that on the limestone beside our highways here in Louisville as well.

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