Of Mice And Men

So last week we had a mouse incident. Specifically, Payton the bionic cat dropped a dead mouse onto my foot. I screamed. And cursed. And scrubbed my skin raw. All of which are presumably normal reactions from a former Floridian who has no experience with such things.

As I was recounting the story to Patrick, we both agreed that Lulu Belle had probably been the one to chase down and kill the little mouse, but walked away from it when the slaughter was done leaving Payton to claim the kill. Quite frankly, Payton is a bit tubby and lazy to chase down live prey. Even if he was so inclined to give chase, only having one real eye definitely affects his depth perception. We had this conversation in front of Parker and he refused to believe it.

For Parker, Payton was the mouse killer. In his eyes, Payton is young and fit and gifted with two working eyes. He is the savior of small children and the destroyer of all rodent kind. His faith in Payton as a feline is really quite admirable. So, I did my best to keep a straight face when Parker solemnly requested that Payton be allowed to “keep guard” while he took a nap. You know, in case any rodents decided to make an appearance.

Payton accepted this challenge without hesitation (aided I’m sure by the promise of getting to lay on the chenile throw on Parker’s bed). Here is Payton the Rodent Killer keeping guard of Parker.


Yup, he takes his assignments seriously. Especially when it involved eating and sleeping.


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