When we were living in Florida, buying firewood was an occasional experience. It probably got cold enough to use it on a regular basis, but it was more for the novelty of the experience than for the heat it provided.

In our drafty old house in North Carolina, we quickly realized that unless we wanted a $400 monthly heating bill, we better get used to building and maintaining a fire in the fireplace when it dips below 20 degrees. There was one small problem. Where the heck do we get firewood from?

We checked out the usual places that we purchased wood in Florida (Lowe’s and the grocery store) and as you would imagine, it was ridiculously overpriced. So, the Irishman decided to make friends with on of our neighbors who has a huge stack in front of his house to figure out where we can get a similar stack.

He came back with a phone number for a guy named Earl who drops off wood by the pick-up load. Perfect. I was relieved that we could arrange an economical way of having all of the firewood that we would need. So, the following day, Earl showed up driving his pick-up truck and the Irishman gets to work on unloading the wood.

So, now we have firewood. Turning it into a fire is another challenge in and of itself (we’ve never worked with wood that had not been pretreated), but we’ve been slowly and steadily figuring out how to get it going.

One thing that is clear to me is that I so would not survive in the wild by myself. It’s almost laughable at how little I know about basic cold weather survival. Do you think the Boy Scouts would let me join their organization? This situation has to be remedied if we’re going to do all of the camping that I’d like to do in the spring.


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