Random Musings

With the end of the week at hand, I’ve having trouble bringing my thoughts together on a single topic so I thought that I would write a post that is random stream of consciousness. While I can’t promise that the following post will follow any cohesive thought process, I can promise that it might contain traces of useful information interspersed throughout the randomness. Let’s begin with the ADD post, shall we?

Random Point #1: Due to the age of the house that we’re living in, we have no vent in the bathroom. As a result, when we first moved here, I had serious issues with shower curtain mold. Yuck! Well, I mentioned it to the Irishman and one day, he came home with this:


It’s called Damp Rid and as its name implies, it gets rid of the moisture in whatever room you put it in. You simply take the lid off and set it on a shelf. I kid you not, we put this in our bathroom in October and there has not been a single spot of mold on my shower curtain since (I had gone through 3 curtains between July and October because I can’t stand to clean them). I can say unequivocally that this stuff really works!

Random Point #2: When I send the Irishman to the grocery store, he comes home with the most random assortment of things. He has an affinity for stuff that I consider junk like Dinty Moore beef stew, deviled ham and Ramen Noodles in a cup. One day, he arrived home with this:


Taco Bell taco sauce. Now, when I usually think of Taco Bell, I think of gastronomical discomfort. Of course, that’s probably because I would consume an entire 12 pack of crunchy tacos after swim practice in high school, but that’s another story entirely. I gave the Irishman serious grief about this purchase. I harassed and taunted him about his junk food ways and put this offensive item on the very back shelf of the pantry. Well, one day, I was making a batch of Breakfast Burritos and I decided to whip out this random jar of taco sauce. To my incredible surprise, it was awesome! It was better than all of the other brands that we had previously purchased. I am now a believer. Consider me officially knocked off of my high horse.

Random Point #3: Since I decided to change my hair color to a chocolate cherry hue, I’ve been trying to be more mindful of washing it every other day instead of every single morning (red fades faster than other colors). Well, a little trick for when you’re trying to extend the time between hair washes is to put the tiniest amount of baby powder on your fingers and then rub it onto the roots of your hair. The talcum powder absorbs the oil and gives it a freshly blow-dried look. Some high-end hair companies have started marketing tinted baby powder (brown for brown hair, yellow for blond hair) and selling it for $20 a bottle. Don’t bother with that stuff – the white powder works just fine and as long as you use just a small amount, the color completely blends in with your own.

Random Point #4: I am currently obsessed with peppermint tea. I drink huge mugs of it unsweetened and I probably go through 4 or 5 mugs a day. I think it makes me feel more sophisticated in a British kind of way. I also think that the fact that it’s been quite frigid out makes me want to hold something warm. Since it’s a decaf tea, I’m simultaneously staying warm and getting my water quota for the day. Double bonus. Oh, and let’s not forget that I’m now oozing sophistication while tromping around the house in my three layers of sweats, carrying a mug of tea in one hand and my space heater in the other.

Random Point #5: These Merrell shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.


I bought them in October when it became too cold to slip on my flip flops to walk the dogs in the morning and I have quite literally worn them every single day since. As soon as I get home from campus, I put them on and they stay on my feet until bed time. I then slip them back on again first thing in the morning and wear them until I change into something more professional…or on the days that I throw professionalism out the window, I just happily wear them to campus with jeans and a ball cap.

Random Point #6: Speaking of jeans, I own more pairs of designer jeans than any one person not named Lindsay Lohan should have. I wear them every single day of my life. That’s partly why I’m a professor – so I can wear jeans to work. And have summers off. And boss students around. And take them to death row. Yup, my job rocks (and so do my jeans.)


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