Family of Cardinals


Truth be told, I can only recognize a handful of birds by name – flamingos, parrots, toucans, egrets, cardinals and blue jays. Oh and woodpeckers (but that’s cheating since I only know what they sound like). Pretty much everything else falls into the category of “bird.” That’s particularly sad since the town that we live in is a protected bird sanctuary. Who knew, right?

Anyway, I’m delighted that a family of birds that I actually do recognize live in the trees around our house. While there are both male and female cardinals in our trees, only the males would let me photograph them (yes, I had to look up to see who was who – it’s embarrassing, really). I guess the men of the bunch were eager to show off their bright red plumage. I don’t blame them – what beauties! Here are the gentle-cardinals living in our trees.

Check out this guy. He was two seconds away from taking off – he knew I was looking at him. But, like all elusive stars, he let me take one quick picture before he flew away. Cardinals are such teases.


And check out this guy showing me his good side.


Pardon the blur on this photo, but it was taken through the screen. He was probably three feet outside of my kitchen window (in a snow storm!) and took flight right after I snapped this.


Let’s just add “Book of Regional Birds” to the list of things that I need to get up to speed on. Perhaps once I convince the Boy Scouts to let me be a geriatric, honorary wrong-sexed member, I can bring my bird book along on my survival trips. Or, perhaps I can just buy a bird feeder and see who comes along to visit. It will be like Dances With Wolves, only we can call it Sits With The Birds….from the comfort of a house with central-heat.


2 thoughts on “Family of Cardinals

  1. Cyn February 22, 2010 / 5:17 pm

    Thanks Rhianna! By the way, your boys are just gorgeous.

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