Starbucks Instant Coffee


Last year, I shared with you this confession about my new love for instant coffee. At the time, I was buying the NesCafe jar of instant coffee for about $7 for the large canister. Well, Starbucks heard about my confession and realized that if a self proclaimed coffee freak like me was into instant, then perhaps there was a corner of the market that they could tap into. Okay, not really, but it soothes my ego to think that I was ahead of the curve. You know, a trail blazer, a risk taker…

Anyways, last weekend, in addition to showing up with my favorite pizza, the Irishman brought 2 boxes of Starbucks instant coffee. Unlike my ginormous canister of NesCafe, these are dainty little boxes with 12 individual servings each. And, Starbucks being Starbucks, they’re selling them for $10 a box. Holy moly, but is that expensive! Particularly since I need 1.5 packets of coffee per mug, which works out to roughly, 8 mugs of coffee, or $1.25 per mug. So essentially, since I’m providing my own cream and sugar, I’m paying just as much as I would be if I dropped into a Starbucks store to buy the fresh brewed stuff.

Aside from my gripe about how they’re fleecing my crazy coffee loving self, the instant coffee itself is good. Very good. It is virtually indistinguishable from the fresh brewed coffee that they serve in-house. In fact, I think it actually tastes better since it hasn’t been sitting around waiting for you to purchase it. Come to think of it, maybe the cost isn’t that outrageous. I mean, I didn’t have to spend any gas money to go get it. I didn’t need to change out of my PJs or slap on some under-eye concealer for my chronically sleep-deprived self. No waiting in line and fighting for parking.

So, now that I’ve talked myself in circles, I think that the Starbucks instant coffee will be a nice purse staple (along with some of the no refrigeration needed creamers) for when I simply must have more caffeine, but I can’t be bothered with going to a coffee shop to find it. All I would need to find is a microwave and some water and voila, coffee is ready to go. But for my at-home massive consumption of java, I think I’ll stick with my NesCafe sweetened with a tablespoon of International Delights Hershey’s chocolate caramel creamer. At 23 cents per giant mug, it definitely gets the job done without giving me indigestion over the cost.


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