Sunrise Musings


This morning, I had resolved to sleep in. This past week had been incredibly exhausting and it was all I could do to keep my head from dropping onto my plate at dinner every night. I was shooting for staying in bed until 7:30ish (about 2 hours past my usual wake up), which is Parker’s normal wake up time. In preparation for this marathon sleep session, I silenced my phone and turned off the alarm clock. Yup, I was cruising for 11 hours of sleep (minus the number of times that Parker woke up in the middle of the night). Surely, one as sleep deprived as I could manage to sleep in, right?

Wrong. At exactly 5:58am, my eyes sprung open and I frantically searched my brain for the proper date. Once I settled on the right one and remembered my quest to sleep in, I snuggled deeper under the covers and firmly shut my eyes, resolved to drift back to sleep. Unfortunately, my body wasn’t fooled. The sun may not be up, but a lifetime early riser such as myself is truly and honestly incapable of sleeping in. I felt a momentary pang of disappointment that I had failed in my quest.

So, I changed my expectations of how the morning was going to go and I dragged by bleary-eyed self out into the living room so that my boys wouldn’t be infected by the sole morning person in the house. Of course, within 5 minutes of being up, I knew that I had been fooling myself. I love 6am almost as much as I love the smell of my morning coffee. We were made for each other so I decided to make the most of my 90 minutes of alone time.

I got the coffee going and fed the cats (the dogs would have to wait since they would have woken the whole house if I had let them out of the bedroom) and I settled in with a book to wait for the sun to rise. If it hadn’t been 25 degrees outside, I would have preferred sitting on the back deck, but since it was indeed frigid, I settled for staying wrapped up in my favorite hole-y sweater and got comfortable in the dining room to watch the sunrise out of our panoramic window.

I am obsessed with sunrises and sunsets. I love the colors and the peacefulness. There’s something soothing in the transition from day to night and night to day. Given my preferences, I would have been suited for life before electricity. As it is, I generally live my life during the daylight hours and my preference is always for the predawn as opposed to the night.

As I watched the day dawn from gray to pink to vivid blue, I polished off my second cup of coffee and got in about 3 chapters of my book before I heard the shuffle of little feet coming out to join me. Awake and refreshed, I welcomed Parker’s company and got some tea going for the Irishman, a not-so-morning person. As the dogs came tearing around the corner and my house returned to it’s normal level of noise and chaos, I mentally thanked my internal alarm clock for not allowing me to squander the beauty of the morning.


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