Papou and Parker

“Papou” is the Greek word for grandfather and it was one of the first handful of words that Parker said regularly. Even when he was an infant, Parker and his grandfather shared more than just a name (Parker has papou’s middle name). They share the same ears as well as the same mannerisms; similarities which have become more pronounced as Parker has grown. Please see exhibit A below.


This shot was not staged at all. They were both just happily eating their breakfast, but check out the eerily similar hand placement as well as the posture and head tilt. It’s uncanny! There are also some parallels in their personalities (which of course I share as well). They can both be introspective and very serious. Parker has ridiculous amounts of patience for a 3 year old and he will diligently work on a puzzle or a problem until he figures it out. There’s no giving up for our little man. Also, they (and I) are adverse to loud noises, which is an irony considering the voluble person that I married. I have to say, it tickles me when Parker says, “Hush daddy, you’re just too loud.” Ha!

One of my greatest joys is watching my parents interact with Parker. I’m so incredibly lucky that they’re both still here with us and it’s one of the reasons that we go to South Florida when we have a break long enough to warrant the trip. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather gouge my eyes out than live down there, but the thrice annual month-long pilgrimage is definitely worth the trip.


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