Purple Crocs


Our little guy Parker is very expressive and very opinionated. He loves cars and trains, sand and dirt. He also loves the colors pink and purple. They’re his favorite. What’s really interesting is how people around him have responded to his love of so called “girl” colors.

A couple of weeks ago when we were out shopping for rain boots, I held up two pairs (a light blue and a navy blue) for Parker to pick from. He pointed over to the bright pink ones with polka dots and said, “I want those!” And in a moment of truth, I embarrassed my sociological self my nudging him towards one of the two blue pairs I held. I wish I could have grabbed the pink polka dot ones and said, “Ok buddy, these are great,” but instead, I thought of all of the older little boys at his school and all of the potential teasing that might take place and I pushed convention over polka dots. The Irishman was appalled at my decision. His position was that if Parker wants pink then let him have it and I got grief over denying him the pink boots for weeks. I felt seriously guilty and like a sell-out. It was the first chance I had to support him in his “fight against the man” and I folded. I felt very small and vowed to do better next time.

Fast forward a couple of weeks. My mom and I had taken a trip to Target with Parker and decided to get him some sandals. When we got over to that section, my mother (unaware of the previous boot situation) asked Parker to pick a color. Without hesitation, he pointed to the pink pair and said, “I want pink!” Relieved that I had a second chance to redeem my sell-out self, I said, “Absolutely Parker, here you go.” My mom looked at me like I had grown two heads and said, “Seriously?” Then, she said to Parker, “Don’t you like purple too, Parker?” His response was, “Yes, I want the purple pair please.” She quickly swapped out pink for purple, heaved a sigh of relief and we went about our business. Of course, I totally stole the Irishman’s position and guilted my mom for the rest of the trip. And that is how Parker ended up with a pair of purple crocs that he proudly sports on a daily basis.


2 thoughts on “Purple Crocs

  1. Kari March 16, 2010 / 4:08 pm

    I feel your pain here, mine LOVES pink and purple and ppl always tease him about it but kids don't know the difference. It's adults that have the problem with it…maybe we should all think like kids for a while and let those stereo types go and just enjoy what we like no matter what the color. 😉

  2. Speck March 16, 2010 / 8:05 pm

    Tell Parker way to go!! I wear "BRIGHT SUNSHINE YELLOW CROCS" just like Donald Duck!! I hear comments ALL the TIME. I love them and I don't care what people think. I also don't deal in peer pressure!

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