On The Road YET Again…

As you’re reading this, I am traveling down the great state of Florida to meet up with these folks again. You know, the crazy computer crew that I refer to as my dear family.

After my almost 3 week long sojourn into solitude, I’m particularly anxious to see the munchkin. I simply cannot wait to snuggle him. In fact, if not for him, I would be perfectly happy to lock myself in my house alone for at least another 3 weeks or so. What? The Irishman would be welcome to visit me. Okay, okay, I guess I’m excited to see him and my little Greek parents as well. There’s just nothing quite like having the clan all in one place…unless of course it’s having them in one place while I’m by myself in the mountains living in utter silence and solitude. Just kidding. Kind of.
Moving right along, what’s particularly exciting about next week is that the Catholic Easter and the Greek Orthodox Easter actually fall on the same day. If you’d like a full explanation of why they often don’t, I can give you my father’s phone number and just give him a buzz when you’ve got an hour or five to get caught up on the intrigues of the church.
Next week will be a Greek baking and cooking fest. For Greeks, Easter is the biggest holiday of the year. Yes, even bigger than Christmas. I believe that in 2012 our whole family is going to travel to Greece to experience it first hand in the motherland, but for now, my mom does a great job of keeping up with the pomp and circumstance of the holiday.
Of course, I’ll catalog each delightful recipe and explain the meaning behind it and yes, I will even show you how we dye our eggs read and crack them at midnight. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, now would be a good time to rent My Big Fat Greek Wedding. But the fun doesn’t stop with the baking and egg dying. No siree, we also get to go to an Easter picnic with the Irishman’s family (all 50+ of them) and do the traditional Easter egg hunt and basket exchange.
It’s going to be one fun-filled week. Of course, I’m going to be facing off against a whole hoard of people who are going to try to sneak ridiculous amounts of chocolate and candy to Parker, but I think I’m up to the task. Don’t worry, I’m not going to be totally militant about it – I’ll draw the line about when his eyes start spinning in different directions and he starts speaking gibberish. And then I plan on sending him home with the biggest candy-giving perpetrator. Yup, like I said, there’s a ton of fun to be had.

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