Easter Egg Hunt – South Florida Style


Today, we took Parker to the Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Easter egg hunt. Parker is just now at an age that he understands the following things (1) the point is to collect the eggs, and (2) there is candy inside of them. In other words, he was out for blood (along with the other rabid children there).
We arrived right as they were about to start and after seeing the sea of people ready to storm the battle field, I happily handed over the “helping” duty to my mother-in-law as I kept my eyes on the exit. As I was looking skittishly around, I was so happy to see my friend Courtney and her family. I’ve known Courtney since first grade! I’m seriously annoyed with myself for not snapping a picture of us together, but it was before I had coffee and I was still contemplating my escape plan. Regardless, it was lovely seeing a familiar face and her children are absolutely gorgeous.
Before I knew it, the 0-3 year olds were off. My mother-in-law had a strategy for Parker to clean house. She ran with him all the way to the back and started gather eggs back there. And less than 30 seconds later…it was all over.
Of course, since we were back home, the Irishman’s family came out. Here’s the muchkin with his grandparents and his great grandmother.
Then, we headed inside to see the Easter Bunny. Parker was excited to see him, but maintained his usual serious demeanor. He insisted that he was too old to sit on his lap, so he stood in front of him instead.
After all of the excitement at the hunt and my own personal excitement to get the heck out of there, we went to a small diner down the street for breakfast.
Our wait time was only 10 minutes, so naturally, I let everyone else entertain Parker so I could work on my tan by standing in the sun. I’m such a giving person.
The best part about the Easter egg hunt was that now we had toys and candy to hold hostage and to use as bribes to ensure a quiet and peaceful meal. Bribery is parenting at its best. Here’s the gang again at breakfast.
And here’s sweet Parker wearing one of the fake egg tattoos that he got as loot.
All in all, it was a great morning and as always, I’m thankful for my role as official family photographer so that I can avoid actually being in the action as it unfolds.

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