Asheville At Night – Drum Circles And Nepali Food


Last night, we headed into Asheville to meet up with friends to check out a Drum Circle that was taking place at a downtown park . (That’s the picture you see above.) Our friends, Tom and Christy, have lived in the area for about 8 years and Christy owns a spa in our town so she’s completely plugged into local events and knows pretty much everyone. Our sons are best friends and spent ridiculous amounts of time together, so I end up tagging along to all kinds of events that I would normally steer clear of. You know, like hundreds of people gathered in a small space and dancing to the beat of drums. I volunteered to watch the car (from the inside) while the rest of the group went on over. Of course, they just all laughed at me and (forcefully) dragged me along.
I’ll admit, it was pretty interesting. There were about 20 or so drummers there and the sounds of the beat carried throughout downtown. We hung out and the boys danced for about 20 minutes and then we went off searching for food. With 3 kids and 4 adults, we were looking for someplace loud.
As we were strolling the streets, Christy spotted her friend’s Nepali restaurant, which was really nice and definitely not kid-friendly, but she wanted to pop in to say hello. So, our (quite loud) group made it’s way into the restaurant and I bribed the kids with coins to pipe down. It’s amazing how much quiet time a handful of pennies will buy you.
The owner of the restaurant, whom Christy hangs out with regularly, came our from the back to greet us and when we told her that we were just popping in for a hello, but would dine elsewhere, she had other ideas. You see, her two children were in the back office watching TV and coloring and she would be more than happy to watch the three kids we brought along so that we could have a nice and quiet dinner. Are you kidding me? She was dead serious. Once we realized that she wasn’t joking, we hustled the kids into the back room and sat down to enjoy some seriously good food.
Let me pause here to say that I have never in my life gone to a restaurant and had my child babysat while I ate. What a great business idea though! It was wonderful – Parker was just in the back room to be checked on periodically and we had a great dinner that lasted about 90 minutes. You can imagine the tip we left.
We didn’t end up leaving Asheville until almost 11pm (thank goodness Parker and I took a long and late nap!), but it was the most fun we’d had in a long time. I’m glad that we met Tom and Christy and that our boys get along so well. And while I grudgingly get dragged to drum circles and pottery shows and yoga events, I always end up having a good time.

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