Mowing The Lawn – My Favorite Chore


Spring is in the air. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the grass is growing! For me that means one thing. I get to bring out my beloved lawn mower from it’s winter hibernation and finally put it to work again. I know, I know, I’m totally off my rocker, but seriously – I love mowing the lawn. Granted, I’m now in North Carolina, so our highs (even in August) are generally in the low 80s and there’s always a breeze going, so technically, pushing my mower around the yard doesn’t even feel like a chore. It just feels like spending more time outside.
I have to tell you though, I haven’t always been a fan of mowing the lawn. In Florida, we had one of those annoying self-propelled mowers that were loud, smelly and had a tendency to steer themselves. I hated having to make sure that I had gas ahead of time and the effort it took to start it up was often greater than the effort of actually mowing the yard. Plus, the noise of the motor completely drowned out any actual nature sounds. So naturally, I refused to use it and we got a lawn service instead.
Fast forward to our move up to the mountains. We began renting a house and the yard was quite small, so a lawn service just seemed excessive. I voiced my complaints to the Irishman about my fear and loathing of the self-propelled monster that we previously had and three days later, this beauty arrived via UPS. This old-fashioned Scotts push mower is nothing more than a set of blades that rotate.
The faster you push, the faster they cut. You can adjust the blade height depending on how short you want the grass and best of all – no gas or starting up required. Just grab and go! It’s relatively quiet – the only sound that you hear is that of the blades slicing through the grass, which is quite satisfying. There’s also something compelling about the fact that it’s your own manual labor that is getting the job done and quite frankly, it just feels good to be in motion.
Yup, I’m in love with my lawnmower. I’m thinking of starting up a part-time lawn service just so that I get to use it more because let’s face it, there’s only so much mowing of your own lawn that you can do.

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