A Day Out With Thomas: Parker’s Dream Come True

In my humble opinion, I think that Parker has gotten to experience quite a number of noteworthy things in his 3.5 years. He’s been to Brussels and Germany, France and Greece. He’s made no fewer than 3 trips to Disney World and we’ve driven over 20,000 miles across the Eastern Seaboard. But if you were to ask him about the most memorable experience of his life, I bet he would say that the coolest thing he’s ever done is ride Thomas the Tank Engine.
Since about 18 months old, Parker has been fixated on Thomas and Friends. Thanks to both sets of grandparents, that fixation has been fed. He has every Thomas train ever made, a Thomas toddler bed, a ride-on Thomas, a Thomas tent and probably a gazillion other products that I’m forgetting. For a child who loves nothing more than building tracks and flipping switches, trains are where it’s at and in Parker’s opinion, Thomas is #1.
Well, when my mother-in-law saw that the touring Thomas train was going to be in Miami during Parker’s Florida vacation, she bought tickets and loaded up Parker and his cousin Leo to spend the day out with Thomas.
While I missed this joyous occasion myself, I got an ecstatic phone call from Parker describing the experience in all of its glorious details. It was everything a 3-year-old could ever dream of and Parker still talks about getting to ride Thomas.

One thought on “A Day Out With Thomas: Parker’s Dream Come True

  1. meg May 5, 2010 / 2:23 pm

    he looks like his yia yia in that third picture. 🙂

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