Happy Mother’s Day

I’ll never forget the moment when I knew that I wanted to have kids. It was about 5 years ago and I was having coffee with a good friend who was leaving town. We were chatting about life in general and she casually asked me, “If your time on earth was done tomorrow, what’s the one thing that you would regret not doing?” My answer was instantaneous: I would regret not having experienced being a mother. I was shocked by my answer, but I knew it was the truth. So, within the year, I was pregnant with Parker and I realized a number of things.
(1) I didn’t really know fear until I was carrying my child.
(2) Pregnancy makes you feel powerful in a way that I never imagined. Seriously, I felt like the embodiment of Mother Earth.
(3) I would sacrifice anything for my child.
(4) My mom was right….about pretty much everything.
So this Mother’s Day, I want to thank my mom for protecting me when I didn’t think that I needed watching and for pushing me when I wanted to quit.
For instilling in me a sense of history, yet still giving me the confidence to create my own future. I am incredibly grateful to have had you as a mother and if you could kindly live for another 30 years, it would be greatly appreciated.
Happy Mother’s Day MOM!
Oh and I’m sorry that I guilted you for not giving me your beautiful green eyes. Mine are perfectly functioning, brown color and all.

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