Coconut Milk Creamer: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Now that my brush with swimming royalty is over and I’ve almost forgiven my xenophobic self for not getting my picture taken with Ryan Lochte, it’s time to get back to important blog business…like talking about coffee creamers. I must confess that the primary reason that I went vegetarian instead of totally vegan more than 2 years ago was…half and half.
You see, I had tried the available dairy-alternative creamers out on the market at the time (soy milk creamer – yuck!) and I absolutely could not and would not give up my half and half in my morning coffee. I had already given up pork, beef and chicken and I’d switched almost all of my dairy products to soy, almond or hemp alternatives. But I drew the line when it messed with the flavor of my coffee. My sincerest apologizes go out to the lactating cows, but in case you hadn’t noticed, we take coffee very seriously around here.
Well, last week I was browsing in my favorite organic market in Asheville and I saw the So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer. Even though I was skeptical that it could come anywhere near my love of pure half and half in my morning coffee, I thought that I would give it a try. You know, on behalf of the lactating cows of America. As a mother who nursed for 14 months, I really do feel your pain sisters.
I bought the French Vanilla flavor. I made coffee then next morning. And I danced a jig. Oh my tastiness! It was wonderful. It was creamy and flavorful without having a funny aftertaste. It was gone in 5 days…and now that I’m relying on my organic half and half to carry me through my morning coffee ritual, I’m impatiently waiting on our next trip to Asheville to stock up on more coconut milk creamer.
In fact, I’m pretty sure that I’ve embarked on a coconut milk obsession. I have a stack of recipes in my “to try” folder that I have big plans for. From chocolate-hazelnut scones to vegan chocolate ice cream. I cannot wait to share the deliciousness with you. Vegan can be tasty!
Now, if someone could please find a replacement for my beloved feta cheese, I will happily leave the Greek goats alone too. Thank you.

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