A Moment 3.5 Years In The Making


You may have noticed that Lulu Belle, our little blonde kitty rarely makes an appearance on this little blog. That’s because she rarely makes herself seen when we’re awake and full chaos rules. While Payton the Bionic Cat pretends as if the dogs and Parker don’t exist, Lulu Belle pretty much hangs out in sun room (which is inaccessible to Parker, Payton and the dogs) until everyone is sleeping.
Well yesterday, Parker walks slowly over to the kitchen and says to me, “Momma, Lulu is on the table. I think I can touch her.” This was a big moment for Parker. Monumental. You see, Parker has never touched Luna. Seriously, never. She usually takes one look at him and takes off. But, she must have noticed that Parker was feeling calm and her usual fight or flight reflexes were taking a break for that moment.
I squatted down and told Parker to walk over very quietly and move very slowly. No sudden movements kiddo. So he did. And he finally touched her. In the picture above, I love the expression on his face. You can tell that he is oozing calm and quiet. This more than anything tells me that Parker is growing up.
Of course, it was a fleeting moment and things are back to normal now. Lulu hiding, Parker chasing, the dogs barking, Payton looking for a lap to occupy…it’s the usual chaos.

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