Mission Accomplished:Over and Out


Well, its official, we’ve moved. It has been an exhausting 48 hours and I’m so thankful that (1) Parker is easy, breezy when it comes to change; (2) I married someone as task-oriented and anal retentive as myself so that my drill-sergeanting was well received; and (3) there’s a long vacation waiting for me after this arduous process. Can someone please pass me a beer? I’m beat!

I tell ya, if there’s anything more stressful than moving an entire household in a weekend, I hope that I never experience it. In all, it took us 4 trips in a 14-foot Uhaul (we were limited as to the size of the truck based on the curvy roads leading to the house) and 5 trucks in our Subaru to get everything out.

The animals took the change remarkably well! Chewie was a little stressed out, but as long as he was with Nona, he was okay. As for the cats, I’m simply shocked at how quickly they adjusted. If you’ll recall, Lulu Belle hid for 6 days when we moved last year. She barely ate and it took her a good month to get completely comfortable. This time, not 5 minutes after I opened her crate, she was rubbing herself on my leg. They both ate dinner without a problem at the new house and were busy exploring their surroundings in no time. No hiding under furniture or spastic behavior. Such a relief! I will say that it is going to be difficult keeping track of them in the new house. It’s a labyrinth of rooms spread out over two floors.

Our new landlords are wonderful. They left us a bottle of champagne with a “Welcome home” note and every bathroom is stocked with extra toilet paper and shower curtain liners. There were cleaning supplies and paper towels in the utility room and gardening tools on the patio.

Parker and the dogs are in love with the yard. There’s a flat grassy area, the fruit orchard and then it’s 6 acres of wilderness.

Here’s Parker standing at the edge of the yard. You can see our wilderness/rain forest scenery behind him.

It’s so nice to be able to let them play without worrying about cars. Although, I confess that I haven’t looked into the bear population in this area. That’s on my to-do list and hopefully it will get done before my dogs end up on a bear’s to-eat list.

Now that the kitchen and bedrooms are unpacked, I have the rest of the day to focus on packing for Greece. In case you’re ever wondering how to travel light, I’ll be taking pictures and writing up a post on how to do it right. Plus, I’ll include a piece on traveling with small children that includes some helpful “tools” for making it to your destination happily and with your sanity intact. And no, Valium is not on that list in case you were wondering.

Well, the next time I write, it will be from Greece! Cross your fingers for a smooth transatlantic voyage!


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