Anatomy of a Sunset

The view was the main reason that my parents bought this house. In fact, the view was the only redeeming characteristic of the property that held a dilapidated hundred-year-old home falling apart at the seams. Did I mention that it had no roof? Thankfully, both of my parents know that location is everything and even the most rundown home can be rebuilt.
But the view, my goodness. What a view. When you sit on the balcony, you see gently rolling hills, the lower village situated on the water, the blue expanse of the Aegean and finally, the mountains on the mainland. During the day, it looks like you’re looking at a watercolor painting, albeit a moving painting as the boats slowly make their way across your view heading from the mainland to various destinations, some near and some far.
But the view during the day is nothing compared to the view at sunset. The sunset last night (like most of them) was quite spectacular. The following pictures were taken over a 5 minute period.
Now that is worth all of the blood, sweat, tears (and money) that it took to make this broken down house into a home.

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