Island Cats


Each year when we arrive on the island, we’re usually one of the first summer residents here. Most of the Europeans don’t take their vacations until July or August so it’s pretty quiet in May and June. With that said, we can always count on being greeted by some of the year-round island dwellers. The cats.


Cats are a fixture of island life. With the harsh winters here, it’s hardly ever the same cats that arrive to greet us year after year, but without fail, we can count on feline companionship for the summer months. Usually, one or two cats will decide to adopt us. It’s a tentative relationship at first, but as soon as the first leftovers are put out, we can count on the kitties arriving at roughly the same time every day to see whether we have something for them.


We never name the cats that come by. It seems far too possessive and they certainly belong to no one, but the village they inhabit. The bleeding-heart in me gets so sad when I see the sick ones or the scrawny ones, but the cycle of life is real here in a way that we don’t see in the states.


So, I feed the ones that I can and say a prayer for those that I can’t. Plus, it’s heartening to know that some of them take refuge in the nooks and crannies of our house during the winter months.


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