Mermaid Beach


I knew when I woke up today that it was going to be the absolute perfect beach day. It was about 78 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and there was a constant light breeze – just enough of a wind to keep you cool, but not blowing strongly enough to kick up sand. Only one questioned remained…which beach do we go to?

Yesterday, we went to the beach closest to our village and while it’s beautiful (the ground is covered with colorful rocks), Parker was disappointed that he couldn’t built anything with his myriad of sand toys. So today, I promised him that we would go to a sandy beach. I didn’t have an actual destination in mind when we set out this morning, but being on an island, there are literally limitless possibilities for which stretch of sand to play on. I ended up driving to Gorgona (Mermaid) Beach. It’s where we had dinner our first night on the island and the sand is very silky and soft. Plus, I used to go there a lot when it was just me because it isn’t well known, so it’s not overly populated with beach-goers.


When we parked and made our way down to the water, I knew that I had made a good choice. There was a sandbar only 12 inches deep that stretched out for a good 20 meters and spanned the entire stretch of beach.


This meant that Parker could play in the water on his own without me worrying about him getting too deep or being pulled in by the tide.


Plus, the soft sand was perfect for making sand castles. We settled in for a wonderful afternoon at the beach and ended up staying for almost 3 hours.


Good thing that I had packed the SPF 50, a gallon of water and plenty of snacks. We definitely ended up needing all 3! Good beach days = one happy momma.



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