…And Odysseus Was Recognized By His Faithful Hound


For me, leaving for a trip and returning from a trip are two completely different experiences. On the flight to my destination, there’s excitement, anticipation, planning and hope that my days will be well spent. I don’t mind the labors of the journey because I know that relaxation and exploration are in my future. The second that my trip is over and I start the long journey back, I feel a mix of sadness and weariness over the return flight, but above all, there’s a single fixed thought in my brain: HOME.
For the hermit-types like myself, home is the place where batteries are recharged and peace is found. Plus, I miss our furry kiddos like crazy and even though I’m not supposed to admit it, there’s one in particular that Parker and I both were looking forward to seeing.
When I walked into the house and turned to look for Payton, he meowed and leaped at me…well, as much of leap as my bionic kitty can manage with his bulk. As I sat down and stroked his soft grey fur and listened to him purr, a single quote entered my mind.
…and Odysseus was recognized by his faithful hound.
I’m not sure if Homer would have included the bond between human and dog to extend to one-eyed bionic cats, but I understood his sentiments exactly. Payton would have recognized me and waited for me regardless of how long I was away. And since we were together again, all was well in the universe.
Of course, not to be outdone, Parker wanted to share his toys with Payton (as you can see in the pictures above). Payton, always the good sport, sat and happily dealt with the ministrations. His people were back and for that, he would happily serve as a prop for a game of cars and blocks.

One thought on “…And Odysseus Was Recognized By His Faithful Hound

  1. aunt meg June 30, 2010 / 2:00 pm

    can't wait to see my little feline love this weekend 🙂

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