Garden of Eden

Let me first begin by saying that I don’t know the first thing about gardening. In fact, I’m hesitant to even pull up “weeds” in the garden because I’m afraid that I might pull up legitimate plants or herbs. It’s really a sad state of affairs, but I’m going to bring someone in very soon to help bring me up to speed. In the meantime, there are a (very) few things that I can identify on my own. Come for a walk through the grounds with me, won’t you? I am beyond ecstatic at what’s growing here.
We’ll start with the herbs. Everything you see below (both inside and outside the fencing) is oregano. I’m going to dry the oregano on the outside and bring this garden back under control. I’m also going to plant some basil and rosemary since the soil is so fertile.
Next we have the mint. As above, everything you see in the frame below is mint. In fact, the Irishman and I spotted 3 different varieties.
On our back deck, there are planters with parsley. I use this a ton, so I’m going to plant some more and get it going for the summer.
Moving up through the orchard, there are raspberries (the picture at the top is what Parker and I picked yesterday morning)…
…a zillion (or 7) mature (huge) pear trees of various varieties…
…limes or lemons – I’m not sure if they’re mature limes or immature lemons – does anyone know?
The two things that I didn’t get photos of are the cherry tree and the kiwi plants. God bless the owners for being biologists and knowing what they were doing.
As I wander through our own Garden of Eden in total isolation (I still haven’t left the house since getting here on Monday evening), I can’t help but contemplate the endless possibilities of recipes that I’ll be able to make simply by shopping outside. I hope that you all know that you’ll be getting an assortment of tarts, pies, jams and dried herbs this holiday season.

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