A Weekend Of Craziness


This past weekend, we had our first house guest, my dear friend Meg. She had never been to the area before, so I wanted to give her a sampling of what western North Carolina had to offer. We started out the weekend with a trip into Asheville and headed straight for a movie theater to catch Eclipse. One major perk of living in a sparsely populated area was that there were only 10 other people in the movie with us. No long lines, no smelly people elbowing you from the next seat over, just you and the movie. Oh and this particular theater serves beer and wine that you can take into the movie with you. Nice!
After the movie was over and we were rendered speechless by the complexities of the Bella/Jacob/Edward love triangle, we headed into downtown Asheville to have brunch. I was torn between taking us to Tupelo Honey Cafe and Early Girl Eatery, but the vegetarian biscuits and gravy won out, so we headed over to Early Girl. With it’s bright, kitschy interior and kid-friendly atmosphere, you almost feel like you’re eating at someone’s happy and home-y kitchen table. The menu has a ton of breakfast/brunch selections (served all day) as well as lunch items and everything looks good.
As we were waiting for our meals to come, I was nearly beside myself with anticipation over the biscuits and gravy. You see, that was one of the only meals I missed when I gave up meat and I had given up hope of ever eating it again. But then my friend Nicole (also a vegetarian) took me to Early Girl. And then she made me order the vegetarian biscuits and gravy. And then I died and went to heaven. The end.
Just kidding. I plan on undertaking the giant task of figuring out how to make these at home, but I’m afraid of two things. (1) That I will fail and that they will be horrible and I will cry; (2) That I will succeed and they will be delicious and that I won’t be able to resist making them every day of my life. I’m not sure which one would be worse.
So, we wrapped up our meals, took a stroll around Asheville and headed back to our little town making a stopping at the world’s largest Wal-Mart along the way. After all, what trip to the country would be complete without a trip to Wal-Mart? When we got back to the house, the Irishman talked us into meeting him and Parker in downtown Dillsboro for the town’s festivities.
Parker and Beck playing on the train tracks. Please don’t call CPS.
They had been there all day and were planning on staying for the fireworks. Suffice it to say that Meg and I should have stayed home (the evening involved crashing a house party, watching Parker try to kill himself by hurling himself down a steep hill and lots of mosquitoes). We left halfway through the fireworks, which Parker wasn’t interested in anyway.
The next day (vowing to stay home after the fiasco of the previous evening), we were cooking fools. We made olive focaccia bread, spanakopita, tzatziki, stuffed shells and macaroni and cheese. Hanging out in the kitchen is one of my absolute favorite things to do so we drank some mimosas and contemplated the meaning of life.
Then I made her watch 300 because she had never seen it before and because it was the right thing to do. So we ate, we drank some more, Nona and I got stung by attacking wasps and then we went to bed.
All in all, I think it went quite well. After all, what’s a holiday weekend without a big helping of crazy?

One thought on “A Weekend Of Craziness

  1. meg July 6, 2010 / 12:13 am

    are you kidding? i came for the crazy. i don't have nearly enough of it without you guys in Tally anymore. 🙂 i had a blast and can't wait to head up again. besides the beautiful landscape, and your fabulous company, who could resist being in demand by one awesome 3.5 year old, two cats and two dogs?? aunt meg adores them all right back. 🙂

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