Summer Treats


During our stay in Greece, Parker was ridiculously spoiled with ice cream and cookies and sweets of every kind. Ever since our return, he’s been staring despondently into the freezer wondering why he traded a Willy Wonka-esque existence for this barren wasteland of lean proteins and low-fat dairy. Poor Parker, I’m sure the starving children in Africa feel for your plight.
As much as I loathe feeding Parker’s insatiable sweet tooth, it did give me an idea of how to feed him more fruits and vegetables. Popsicles! You see, my dear child will eat virtually anything if it looks like dessert.
So, I fished out the Popsicle molds that my mother-in-law gave us years ago and I started blending fruit and veggie smoothies like this one. It’s a perfect solution. So every night after dinner, Parker runs to the freezer and bounces with anticipation that his treat is coming.
Mommy, please can I take a bite now?
And in case you were wondering, yes, his Popsicle is stuck in the middle of a paper plate.
That was the Irishman’s ingenuity to prevent our table from turning into a sticky mess. It’s so nice when you’re husband’s neuroses complement your own, don’t you think?

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