Phoning Home


I have a serious aversion to answering telephones. I’m not sure what the root cause of that is, but if the house phone rings, sometimes I don’t even bother getting up to see who’s on the Caller ID. Now normally, you’d think that this wouldn’t be a problem because if it’s important, they’ll leave a voice mail, right? Well, I’m not big on checking voice mail either. In fact, I sometimes just leave them on there for a week and then delete them without listening. I know that it’s delinquent of me and probably irresponsible, so I’ve come up with a solution. Recently, I’ve been letting Parker answer our home phone.
It’s brilliant. If it’s someone that he knows, he’ll chat with them for a bit and then come get me. If not, he’ll probably tell them all about his day and then politely hang up on them. I should mention that we haven’t given our home number out to anyone other than family, so it’s either someone who wants to talk to Parker anyways or it’s a solicitor. If it’s work related, they generally call our cellphones or send an email.
Well, Parker has so much fun talking on the phone that he decided he would like to place outgoing calls also. So occasionally, I’ll let him prank call a family member for kicks. Yesterday, he really wanted to call his daddy. The only problem was that I already knew that the Irishman wouldn’t be available to talk. For whatever reason, Parker wasn’t taking “no” for an answer, so I unplugged the phone and hid it. Prank calling family is one thing, but randomly hitting numbers on your phone is how you end up with the police at your door.
With a 3-year-olds ingenuity, Parker decided that he didn’t need me or my phone to call his daddy. He would simply make a phone. And he did. Out of a carrot.
He then proceeded to “call daddy”…
…and have a 15 minute conversation with him.
It sounded like they had quite the enlightening conversation.

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