On hot Greek afternoons, one of the most common drink choices is a frappe’, an iced coffee made with instant NesCafe coffee. Now, you would think since I have been drinking instant coffee almost exclusively for one year that it would have occurred to me to make this at home before now. Alas, it didn’t, but when the light bulb finally went off last month, I have been making it with reckless abandon ever since.

Okay, now the process of making a frappe’ is quite simple. I’m going to show you two ways to make this iced coffee, the first of which is with the Braun handheld mixer (my favorite kitchen tool). First, you add one spoonful of coffee and one spoonful of sugar to your cup.


Next fill your cup halfway with very cold water (I use water from the fridge). Now, using your immersion blender, blend the coffee mixture until it’s very frothy.


Then, top it off with cold milk (I usually end up using half water and half milk). Drop in some ice cubes and you’re done!


If you don’t have an immersion blender, simply put the coffee, sugar and water in a sealable water bottle or in a cocktail shaker. Shake it for a good 30 seconds to help dissolve the sugar and coffee. Add milk, give it another shake and pour it into your cup.

Enjoy this sweet and cooling treat! I should add that Greeks drink about 1/3 of the quantity in my cup but 12 oz. just doesn’t cut it most days.


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