This Week’s Menu

I’m not going to lie, I have been all over the place the last three months with regard to planning out our meals for the week. Part of the problem was that I spent the better part of August and all of September wanting to lose my cookies, so sitting down to write a menu (and focus on food) was not in the cards. In the last couple of weeks, my morning sickness has disappeared and I’ve started cooking real food again. So, I decided to pull it together and get back in the habit of thinking about cooking dinner more than 30 minutes before we needed to eat. Each Monday, I’ll be posting my game plan for the week, leaving wiggle room for breakfast and lunch, which is the most unpredictable part of my day.
Cereal (I’ve been loving Kashi’s Strawberry Fields)
Double Cheesy bagels (I had one this morning and it was awesome)
Granola bar, yogurt, fruit
Baked sweet potato
Can I just tell you how good it feels to have this planned out? To have one less thing to worry about when I get home from work or from the gym? To know that there will be a bevy of leftovers in the fridge? I love how having this list just streamlined my week and made my days a little less stressful.

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