Warning: Not A Single Coherent Thought To Be Found


Today, I’m going to post in stream-of-consciousness because, while I’m unable to form a coherent thought, I hate going days without posting. So, I thought that I’d show you a glimpse inside of my very chaotic brain, which is primarily caused by the fact that next week is going to be stressful. Truth be told, I’m trying my best not to climb under my desk and curl up into the fetal position in a direct imitation of the baby in my womb. Oh how I envy that baby right about now. All warm and cozy, without a care in the world. I, on the other hand, feel vulnerable and exposed and panicked because I have two presentations to give in less than a week and I’m not prepared for either of them. At all. Please hold me?
Compounding the fact that I’m presenting data that I have yet to run is that the fact that I’m in that weird in-between stage of pregnancy where my regular clothes don’t fit right, but maternity clothes are still kind of big and awkward. I’ve always prided myself on the fact that even if I don’t know what I’m doing or saying, at least I look like I do, so presenting data (that I don’t have) and looking sloppy in the process is simply not an option. I must figure out what I’m wearing. Please hold me?
I also have no clue what I’m eating. Not today, not tomorrow, not this weekend. My in-laws are in town, which means that the Irishman is basking in the smorgasbord of meat that my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law have been cooking. Just to give you an idea, they’ve made stuffed cabbage, ham and bean soup, sausage and baked beans and I believe that my crock pot is currently occupied by a tenderloin cooking in sauerkraut. While I’m perfectly happy fending for myself (as the only non-carnivorous person in the house), I haven’t taken the time to think up a proper menu. Or go to the store. Or look in the fridge. Please hold me?
So please forgive this minor lapse in my characteristically type A, control freaky personality. I’m taking the day to be a spaz so that tomorrow, I can pull it together, throw together a presentation that will pass muster and figure out what the heck I’m eating. Your regularly scheduled programming here on the Daily Cynema will resume as planned in 32 hours, give or take 6 minutes.
Now, please excuse me while I give into the temptation to hide under my desk. That’s where I’ll be if you decide to show up and hold me.

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