Thanksgiving: The Aftermath

Well, my parents and brother just drove away officially ending our month-long stretch of house guests. There are sheets and towels to be washed and guest rooms to be put back into hibernation. More pressingly, there are leftovers to be dealt with. As always, we definitely made way too much food. I think we still have about 10 lbs. of turkey and 2 lbs. of sweet potatoes and stuffing packed into the fridge.
The good news is that most everything freezes well! So, I spent the morning bagging and freezing all of the leftovers. Notice how I’ve added a couple of spoonfuls of gravy to the baggies. This is to keep the turkey from drying out as it thaws.
This way, over the next month or two, I can make:
Turkey pot pie
Turkey noodle soup
Turkey tetrazzini
Turkey sandwiches
Turkey salad
Turkey enchiladas
Turkey spaghetti casserole
In fact, it’s probably a great idea to roast a whole turkey every couple of months just to cut down on the prep time for all of these meals year round. Turkey is very versatile and just as lean as chicken. I know that no one in your houses wants to think about turkey for a long time, but they’ll change their minds after they’ve been stuffed with the Christmas ham.
Speaking of which, Parker and my dad put up our (artificial) tree yesterday.
Truth be told, Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, so now that the turkey and stuffing-making is over, I’m gearing up for the holiday baking season. Bring on the cookies, eggnog and hot chocolate!

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