Our Winter Wonderland

Yesterday morning, we woke up to this beautiful sight.

The snow had blanketed the earth for as far as the eye could see and each branch was painted with a light layer of snowflakes. I went outside with my coffee to soak up the eerie muffled silence that only a snowy day can produce.
Since the snow had covered our driveway and the road in the distance, it felt like we were all alone in the world. I loved it.
I’m one of the few people that I know around here that absolutely loves it when it snows. It’s probably because I never have anywhere pressing to be and I’m perfectly content to spend days on end in my house, which is a good thing since it’s always a risk trying to drive down our steep mountain.
Thankfully, we have a high-powered wood stove and lots of firewood, so if we lose power, it’s not an incredibly big deal. I also am pretty good about stocking up on suitable groceries so that we won’t be stuck eating Spam for days. Plus, we do have a generator leftover from our Florida hurricane season days, but we’ve only used it once in the last 18 months. I knew my Girl Scouts days would pay off.
Snow days are perfect for a number of things, one of which is sledding.
If you’ll recall, we stuck Parker in a plastic bin last year to brave the slopes. This year we were more prepared and he has an actual plastic saucer meant specifically for this purpose. Aren’t you proud?
Plus, he’s big enough that he was plunging down the hill behind our house for an hour by himself while I watched him while sipping hot chocolate from inside the house. My fingers and toes are grateful for his newfound self sufficiency. It’s cold out there! Of course, the Irishman couldn’t resist taking a turn or two.
Later in the day, the snow started coming down in earnest.
We all huddled by the big bay window to watch the flakes fall steadily down.
The forecast is calling for more snow today and since it could be one week or one month between this snowfall and the next, I’ll happily soak up the brightness outside and eagerly await the next winter storm. I’m still a Florida girl that way.

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