Ode To My Subaru


When we lived in Florida, buying a car was never about functionality for us, it was all about how it looked and how it drove. Our reasoning was that as long as we had one SUV (to transport kids and dogs), we were free to have a “fun” second car. Our current fun car is a 6-speed Acura RSX S-Type…and it’s been sitting unused in the driveway for the last week. Fun car = no go in the snow.
Which brings me to the subject of this post. Our beloved Subaru Outback. We bought this vehicle last year, about a month before the first snowstorm of the season and let me tell you, it hasn’t failed us since. Nine months out of the year, this is a really good car. The other three months of the year, this is an unbelievably great car.
For example, during our drive down the mountainside yesterday (over a solid sheet of frozen snow), the Subaru didn’t falter once. No slipping, no skidding, just slow and steady down the mountain. We passed cars parked at the base of their driveways because they couldn’t make it up and a couple of cars left on the shoulder that couldn’t make it down. It was a scary drive (for us non-experienced Florida folk), but it was safe and more importantly, we made it.
The Irishman and I had the same thought yesterday morning – when our Acura bites the dust, we’re definitely getting a second Subaru and most likely, it will be another Outback. It’s roomy, has a refined interior (to say nothing of the “sporty” features like hauling bikes and canoes) and gets the same gas mileage as my mom’s Corolla. Seriously, as long as we’re living in a mountainous area, how on earth could we buy anything else?

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