Winter Wonderland: The Aftermath

In a perfect world, a two-day snowfest would be followed by sunny, warmer weather that effectively melts all of the snow and returns the trees and roads to their natural barren state. Unfortunately, in the real world, snowstorms are often accompanied by more cold weather, which results in ice laden roads, dirty snow and dead flowers that didn’t survive the frost (see exhibit A above). The three days after our beautiful and fluffy snowfall were quite treacherous. Our front circular drive was literally transformed into an ice-skating rink and our backyard turned into a slip and slide for the dogs who were none too pleased to skate along on their stomachs.
I wish I would have taken a picture yesterday, but I was too busy fretting over the fact that Parker has been out of school all week and I still had to grade papers and compute final grades. This is our driveway as it looked this morning when the sun blessedly came out and started melting the ice pit of doom.
And remember our lovely snow covered deck?
It’s now just a puddle of sludge and half-formed ice. When Parker looked out there this morning, he thought that someone has massacred Frosty the Snowman. I’m sorry that he had to see so much carnage at such a young age.
Thankfully, the sun should be here to stay for the next week or so and what’s left of the ice (and Frosty) will happily dry up. But the respite from hazardous road conditions will only last until the next beautiful snowfall and then the vicious cycle repeats all over again. All I have to say is thank goodness for central heat, a big house (so we don’t kill each other) and the Internet. We’ve successfully survived our 10-day quarantine without too much difficulty. Unfortunately, my jeans no longer fit since we baked 6 dozen cookies right before we were snowed in and I certainly couldn’t let those go to waste. Now, please excuse me while I roll myself to the gym to pay my caloric penance.

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